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Island's Bamboo Garden is a hidden paradise centrally located in Pinellas Park, Florida. After 20 years providing quality landscaping services throughout the Tampa Bay area, Island Lawn created a six acre bamboo design center to showcase over 30 species of non-invasive clumping bamboo.

While many consumers refer to any bamboo plant as a "bamboo tree", there are more descriptive classifications such as "clumping bamboo" and "dwarf bamboo". We enjoy educating others in the process of buying bamboo, particularly bamboo for residential use and easy care.

These bamboo range from 3 gallons to 25 gallons in size and can transform your existing landscape with their unique colors, sizes and styles. They can provide an outstanding focal point in your garden design, or provide a natural bamboo privacy hedge that is unmatched with everyday plant materials.

The mission of Island's Bamboo Garden is to become the top provider of landscaping with bamboo in the Tampa Bay area. Our staff works one on one with every client to ensure they receive the products and services expected.

From container appropriate bamboo to giant bamboo beauties, a visit to Island Bamboo will be a stop you will not reqret.

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